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Just a couple general reminders!

1. Remixes must link to the work they were based on. This is a critical part of this exchange; as your remix is based off someone else's work, they deserve to be credited. In some cases, it may also be difficult for the original creator to tell which work has been remixed without such a link. You may provide a link via your author’s notes or through the AO3 interface. To do the latter, simply check off "This work is a remix, a translation, a podfic, or was inspired by another work" and insert the URL of the original.

2. Remixes are meant to be anonymous until creator reveals next Sunday. If you have explicitly included information about your identity, such as a link to your tumblr, please remove it from your remix until after creator reveals. Additionally, please do not link to your remix from your tumblr/dreamwidth/etc, or add it to a pre-existing AO3 series that also contains unanon works until after creator reveals.
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Note, though, that the AO3 remix-linking feature is a two-step process. Checking the "this work is a remix" tickybox and specifying an AO3 URL will tell AO3 that the work is a remix. AO3 will then email the author of a remixed work asking that author to approve the link so identifying the remix as a related work.

I'm not sure whether this feature has always worked this way, or if it's a newer development -- like the button on the story page of a gift work that allows the recipient to refuse the gift. [ETA: As a practical matter, what this means is that as the recipient of a remix *and* an exchange participant who agreed to be remixed, it's on you to go in and click the button approving the remix of your story.]

This is an area where AO3's automated feature set is programmed in a way that isn't precisely consistent with the operational principles of a remix exchange. The rules of both Remix Redux and Remix Revival explicitly state that remixed works are *not* "gift works" in the usual context of an exchange -- but the AO3 code template language treats them as "gift works" in the way it handles notifications and linking protocols, so that the email you get when someone remixes your work says that there's a "gift story" for you, rather than a remix.

[In the medium-to-long term, this is probably something for interested parties to discuss with AO3 coders and support folk. It would probably be possible to (a) modify the posting engine to allow a selector option specifying whether to flag a work as remix vs. gift, and (b) allow users to set a permissions flag relative to either specific works or their works in general specifying whether remixes, podfic, etc. are authorized. But the coding for both of those is probably finicky enough that neither is likely to be a high priority just yet.]
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