Jul. 31st, 2017

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Signups for Remix Revival 2017 are now closed! I will now begin checking everyone's requests to make sure that:

  1. The URL you have provided works;
  2. You have enough works to be remixed in each fandom you have requested;
  3. You have not gone over the minimum number of safe works;
  4. You have not included any text intended to discourage your remixer from remixing anything they may “legally” remix, or that attempts to tell your remixer how they should/should not remix your works.
In most cases except for too many safe works or a broken link, I should be able to correct the issue myself without contacting you; however, in the case of those two issues, I will most likely have to email you for help/clarification.

Once I am sure everyone's requested fandoms are correct, I will run the matching script. At this time, if your offers do not match anyone's requests, I will email you to ask you to add to your offers. You will then have the choice of adding to your offers or dropping out of the exchange. 

As long as you match to at least one person, you will not be asked to add to your offers. (If your requests don't match to anyone's offers, don't worry! You'll just be an initial pinch hit, along with people who did have a match, but whose potential remixer(s) got assigned to someone else by the AO3 script first.)

Please make sure you are checking the email associated with your AO3 account this week, especially if you are offering all small fandoms or otherwise suspect that you did not match to anyone’s requests.

If all goes well, initial emails about issues should all be out by the end of the day Wednesday, with assignments out by Saturday. If there is going to be a significant delay for either, I'll post again to let you guys know. As for the initial pinch hits, those will either be posted shortly after assignments go out, or the next morning, depending on how late in the day assignments go out.



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