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Remix Revival

ETA May 14: The AO3 collection is located here! I am tentatively planning to start signups on July 15, but the schedule could be pushed back a week or even two if needed (but I consider that unlikely at this point). Either way, it will be set for sure by July 1.

Remix has always been my favorite fic exchange, and I wanted to ensure that, no matter what, there will be a panfandom remix exchange for 2017. Therefore, Remix Revival is a remix exchange tentatively scheduled to begin signups on July 15, 22, or 29 of this year (official schedule to come in late June/early July). Should Remix Redux put out an official 2017 schedule before July 1, Remix Revival will be canceled; otherwise, it will go forward.

I haven't put together the rules yet, but they will be very similar to the rules for other remix exchanges. There will be no nominations period; you'll be able to request any fandom you have enough qualifying works in, and you can offer anything. You will not be able to request/offer characters or sets of characters; everyone will be matched on fandom and medium (fic or art) only. The minimum required fandoms for both requests and offers will be 1. All fandoms except crossovers will be allowed for requests/offers, as crossovers would be nightmare to try to match without being able to specify characters or pairings like you can in other exchanges. You can still remix a crossover if your recip has written one, however.

Fic and art will both be allowed. If you're requesting to have fic remixed, you must have three stories of at least 500 words or five stories of at least 100 words per requested fandom. If you're requesting to have art remixed, you must have at least three finished drawings (no manips) per requested fandom.

Your writer/artist will be allowed to remix anything of yours that is complete, not itself a remix, not a collaboration, and not your safe work; they will NOT be limited to the fandoms in your request.

When remixing someone else's work, you may not change the pairings. This means that if a work only includes A/B, you may not remix it as A/C, D/E, A/B/C, etc. However, you may background the main pairing, or focus your remix around a background pairing from the original. If you are remixing a gen fic, the remix should be gen as well, unless a pairing was clearly mentioned somewhere in the original, in which case the remix may be about that pairing.

The other thing you may not change when remixing is the basic plot of the original story. This is much more flexible than the pairings rule, in that you are the one who decides what the basic plot is. As long as I can squint and see how the remix relates to the original, it's all good.

For the main exchange, you will most likely be allowed to designate up to 3 individual works + up to 1 series + up to 1 unrequested fandom as safe. Safe works/works within a safe series/works for a safe fandom may NOT be remixed.

If you default on your assignment, you will not go to pinch hit should your remixer also default.

Remix Madness will not have any minimum requirements to request a fandom (except that it would be pointless to sign up if you don't have at least one eligible fic/drawing per requested fandom). You also will not have to sign up to be remixed in order to remix someone else for Remix Madness. You may have an unlimited number of safe works for Remix Madness.

Finally, remix is not a gift exchange. As long as you don't change the pairings or basic plot, you can do whatever you want with your assignment.

That's all the pertinent info I can think of for now. All of these rules are tentative and subject to change until the point signups begin. If you have any other questions, or have suggestions/concerns, feel free to ask here!

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