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Signups continue, and several reminders

As signups continue for Remix Revival 2017, several reminders:

1. In order to request any fandom, you must qualify to be remixed in that fandom! This means you must have a certain number of works for that fandom on your account. The minimums are: three fics of at least 500 words OR five fics of at least 100 words OR three drawings per requested fandom.

If you only have 1-2 works in a fandom, you may not request it. If you have 3 works in a fandom, but one is a WIP/remix/under 500 words/etc, you may not request it. If you have requested any fandoms without having enough works, those fandoms will be deleted from your requests after signups close; if you don’t have enough works in any of the fandoms you requested, your entire signup will have to be deleted.

Long story short, the more cleaning up I have to do after signups close, the longer it will take to send assignments out. So please make sure your signup is correct. Thanks!

2. Please remember that your remixer will be able to remix any available work by you, whether you requested that fandom or not! If you have written in fandoms A through G, but only request fandoms A and B, fandoms C through G will still be available to your remixer unless they are otherwise ineligible (”safe,” WIPs, collaborations, etc).

Additionally, there is a maximum to the number of “safe” works you can have: up to 3 individual safe works, and/or 1 safe series, and/or 1 safe fandom per signup (not per request).

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